Pictures from the exhibition opening

Here is some pictures from my exhibition opening the 8th of March.
All the photographs will hang there for a few months, or till they get sold.
So please go and take a look if you haven’t already :)
It’s a total of 29 pictures, so you will just see a few here.

The jewelry can be bought at Blåst Nordens Paris in Tromsø, or in my etsy shop.

A big thank you to all that came to see my work and buy my jewelry!


P1010007_åpning8mars P1010008_åpning8marsP1010009_åpning8mars P1010064_åpning8mars P1010063_åpning8mars P1010040_åpning8mars P1010031_åpning8mars P1010028_åpning8mars P1010012_åpning8mars P1010011_åpning8mars P1010010_åpning8mars P1010051_åpning8mars


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