My last exhibition

November the 15th I opened my last exhibition at Sivertsen kafe.
It’s 15 framed photographs in A3. The exhibition still stands, so you are all welcome to go and take a look! They are also for sale, just contact me if you are interessted.

My muse and model on all of the 15 photographs: Frida Monlund.
We had a blast working together on this project, and we are proud to show you the result:

_MG_2246_REDweb _MG_2262_REDweb _MG_2283_REDweb _MG_2311_REDweb _MG_2330_REDweb _MG_2375_REDweb _MG_2384_REDweb _MG_2398_REDweb _MG_2887_REDweb _MG_2912_REDweb _MG_2920_REDweb _MG_2948_REDweb2 _MG_2953_REDweb _MG_2976_REDweb _MG_3410_REDweb


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