Pin-up girls and a really cool festival

Some of these tallented and beautiful girls is making a new super cool festival in Tromsø, Norway!
Read about it here and here. The facebook event is here.

Sunniva, owner of Skadefryd, Lori, Kristine and Ingvild, the ladies behind Petticoats and Polkadots.






Here you can see some of the beautiful dresses you can by at Skadefryd!







Lori, Kristine and Ingvild is rocking it at a Petticoats and Polkadots night at Bastard!


I can strongly recommend attending Petticoats and Polkadots nights at Bastard, they play really good 50’s music and they have free popcorn! And lots of pretty women and men in retro clothes, yay!
All the clothes dresses the girls are wearing is from Skadefryd.

I had a very good time photographing them, it was so fun. And I can’t wait for the festival in september!!


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